Sake experience with Masaru Terada

Sake Dinner with Masaru Terada

A short recap

At Dim Dining, we are constantly striving to offer new and unique culinary experiences. On the 17th of May, we had the pleasure of welcoming a select number of guests to an exclusive sake night with none other than Terada Masaru-san. As the 23th generation brewery head of the renowned organic Japanese sake brewery Terada Honke, he shared his extensive expertise during an intimate evening at our restaurant.

A 4-course menu by Dim Dining was served with adapted to the outstanding flavours of the kimoto muroka junmai shizenshuunfiltered 100% pure sake by Terada Honke. Founded in 1673, this brewery is the only remaining one in Japan that still uses biologically grown rice, natural fermentation, self- cultivated kōji and pre-modern starters. Not even a stopwatch is used to measure the time of the soaking of the rice.